Akrotiri is the circular peninsula which extends at the northwest of the prefecture of Chania and it is considered to be the ideal area for villa holidays.

Akrotiri Peninsula

Luxury villas near Chania, Crete

Akrotiri is the circular peninsula which extends at the northwest of the prefecture of Chania and it is considered to be the ideal area for villa holidays.

Among the major advantages of this area is that is very beautiful and quiet, yet very close to the airport and the city of Chania. It also has some of the best beaches of the northern coastline, such as Marathi, Seitan Limania, Stavros, Tersanas and Loutraki where some very good tavernas and beach bars are situated.

Other sites worth visited are, the monastery of the Holy Trinity, the Monastery of Gouverneto and the Graves of Venizelos at the hill of Prophet Helias, which offers a panoramic view over the whole city.

Also, between the areas of Tersanas and Loutraki where our villas are situated, there is the suburb of Kounoupidiana where guests can find big supermarkets, gas stations, banks, tavernas, restaurants, pharmacies and many more, thus enabling them to cover their everyday needs very easily, without having to drive all the way to the city center.


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The island of Crete is situated at the southern part of Greece, at a very strategic point, exactly where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Middle East and the African continent. King Minos built here hia great kingdom thousands of years ago and its remains still prevail at the east, while in mythology, Crete is the place where Zeus was born. According to etymology, it derives its name from the word “Krataia” which means strong, powerful. The persistence of many conquerors to dominate the island of Crete throughout the centuries was quite strong and they have left their traces all over the island: great walls, lighthouses, churches and many other sights that are now considered historic monuments worth visiting.

Traditional Cretans are descendants of brave and courageous warriors; they are emblematic figures, dressed in total black, very faithful to the ethical code of the Cretan land and whose pride and honor are core values for which every Cretan should fight. Another characteristic that has not faded through the centuries is their strong adherence to the family bonds that their ancestors have created and which they have committed themselves to honoring and safeguarding. Family still plays a very important role for the cohesion of society. Ritual ceremonies of the family members, such as weddings and baptisms require the organization of huge gatherings, where good food, wine and the impressive traditional dances are essential and reflect the hospitality and exuberance.

The whole procedure of eating and drinking is absolutely crucial for the Cretan people, probably even more than for the rest of the Greeks. They give great importance to their nutrition which is globally known to be the healthiest and most balanced in the world. The famous “Mediterranean diet” is one of the major ambassadors of the island and it is mainly based on the consumption of seasonal products that have undergone minimal to no processing at all, such as fresh and dried fruits, endemic wild herbs and aromatic plants, rough cereals, dairy products and of course olive oil and thyme honey.

And a small secret for the food lovers: never hesitate to express your love for the cretan cuisine while being on Crete; it is very usual for Cretans to open their houses to guests from all over the world in order to celebrate around a table full of delicious local dishes! It is one aspect of the Cretan hospitality…

Though modernization has touched the island of Crete, there is still evidence of rural life in the peripheries of the four prefectures, of Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos and their inhabitants are engaged in agricultural jobs on which their income is based. It is quite impressive that though the island has some of the best Mediterranean beaches, especially along the northern coast, people consider themselves mountaineers, devoted to their wild natural environment and the well kept secrets of the mountains Omalos and Idi. Rarely will they abandon their black costume for the sake of crystalline coastal waters, even during the hot summer days.

Meanwhile, this fusion of unspoiled sandy beaches, rocky mountains and urban city centers marked by the passage of foreign nations, is what makes Crete so special and an ideal place to visit at any time of the year. Whatever type of tourism we are talking about – urban, M.I.C.E., heritage, religious, agricultural, marine, sports, adventure, culinary or even medical tourism, Crete has a lot to offer and if guided properly, you will gain a multidimensional experience which will rejuvenate your body and mind.

Our villas are located in Chania, the western prefecture of Crete and which is considered to be among the most beautiful places in Greece. The old picturesque harbor of Chania offers a unique opportunity to wander through the narrow alleys of the old town, to try either traditional dishes or creations of international cuisine and to enjoy a drink at bars and restaurants that are dispersed in the area, while viewing the endless blue sea. For those intending to have a wild time, Agia Marina and Platanias are the right places for them, since they host the most modern clubs and which during the day are turned into beach bars, keeping the same tension and lively mood thanks to their dj’s. Not very far from the town of Chania, Seitan Limania, Menies, Falassarna, Balos, Gramvousa, Elafonissi, Kedrodassos as well as the beaches situated along the south will impress you with their transparent waters and their unique natural surroundings, So will the villages around these beaches where you can stroll around and unveil the traditional way of living.

We can spend hours talking about our beloved island of Crete but the best we can do is to arouse you the desire to come and visit it and savor its unparalleled beauties.

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