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Its history dates back several millennia; and has markedly influenced the Greek and European civilizations. Its coast line runs for a thousand kilometers; and is indented with spectacular coves, grottos and steep rocks. Its beaches are superb, with waters as crystal clear and transparent as when they were when the Olympians, allegedly bathed there. Its cuisine, based on the invaluable, local “liquid gold” -the trademark, extra virgin olive oil– is world famous for its amazing health benefits as well as exquisite tastes. Its climate is arguably the mildest and healthiest in Europe; with 300 days of sunshine per year; a swimming season that starts at the end of April and extends till mid-November; and temperatures never dropping below 13C. And its inhabitants are renowned for their hospitality, good cheer; and phenomenal, week long feasts and fiestas.

This is the island of Crete; the largest of the Greek islands and the fifth biggest in the Mediterranean.

Blending sea, sun, a rich culture, great food and abundant natural beauty, no wonder, it attracts its lion share of visitors from around the globe: From beach lovers, and history buffs to the more adventurous, sporty types, there is something for everyone in the island of Crete. To the mix add a modern infrastructure, with two international airports, two cruise ship ports, an excellent public transportation network, fast internet, all kinds of shops and stores, low crime rates and affordable cost of living. It is easy to understand then, why more and more people from all over the world are also opting to buy property in this blessed corner of the earth.

Prestigious investment opportunities in the island of Crete

In fact real estate in the island of Crete, is trending as an investment opportunity, for a number of -very good-reasons:

It is the optimum base for those looking to spend their holidays –or lives- in a sophisticated yet serene environment, amongst cordial people, charming towns, ancient ruins and untouched nature. What’s more it is the ideal choice for those aiming to combine their holiday home with a considerable, side income: Rental property in the island of Crete yields a return of 8% to 10% per year; as the tourist season here, is the longest in the country. This is also aided by the increasing popularity of individual villa rentals, as opposed to the large, impersonal hotel units; as the former combine the services of a luxury 5* establishment, with the tranquility and exclusivity of a private house.

Then there is the matter of the residence permit, which makes buying property in the island of Crete, even more attractive amongst the Chinese, Russians or Arabs:

Greece in effect offers non-European citizens the chance to spend 250.000 euros or more, on residence anywhere in the country-and this of course includes Crete-and, in return, qualify for a permanent residency visa, granting visa-free access to the whole Schengen Area.

If you’re considering capitalizing on this prime investment opportunity and buying real estate in an island famous for its history, ancient traditions of hospitality and striking, diversified scenery, you need to look no further than the LRC Real Estate in Chania:

Driven by sheer love for our home country and the desire to showcase it to the world, in all of its glory, we have created the Luxury Residence Collection. Advantageously located at Akrotiri, the circular peninsula which extends at the northwest of the prefecture of Chania, it is an outstanding complex of opulent, luxurious villas, designed for optimum comfort and exclusivity. Offering the utmost in terms of personalized services and cutting edge amenities, the LRC has justly won over even the most discerning, among the globe’s elite travellers.

Boasting an insider’s knowledge of the requirements of the tourism and hospitality domain, we are simultaneously operating on the real estate sector.

Having successfully completed an array of impressive projects, ranging from opulent private homes, to our collection of luxury villas at Akrotiri, our extensive know-how coupled with our leading position in the constructions field, makes us uniquely equipped to accomplish ambitious undertakings within a tight time frame.

Yet unlike those who take former houses and turn them overnight to luxury villas-albeit of questionable quality- we specialize in creating environments that blend high aesthetics with ample functionality.

If you are thinking of investing in the island of Crete, either by building a home for personal use, or by targeting a high profit construction plan, at the LRC Real Estate in Chania, we will be more than happy to discuss your ideas and plans, share our experience and find the most suitable solution for your needs and desires. We also collaborate with top professional in various domains-including expert accountants lawyers and notaries -to offer you a complete, one stop service. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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