Opulent, carefree holidays with Luxury concierge services in Chania


Enjoy your holidays at mythical Crete to the maximum by opting to stay at the Luxury Residence Collection with its vast array of Luxury concierge services in Chania

Boasting an important mythological, cultural and historical heritage, a striking and diversified landscape, as well as a remarkable, world renowned culinary tradition, Crete, Greece’s largest island, is one of the most interesting corners of the planet. Legend has it that the king of gods, Zeus, was born here.

This magical, highly energetic landscape, is a dream destination for all sorts of travelers: From history buffs, to honeymooners, gourmands or adventure fans and peace and calm-seekers. Take your pick as your mood strikes you!

What is certain is that Crete has a lot to offer you and if you are properly guided, you will enjoy an unforgettable multi-sensory experience which will rejuvenate your body and mind.

Enjoy premium hospitality at the Luxury Residence Collection and its Luxury concierge services in Chania

When creating the Luxury Residence Collection, our first and foremost concern was to do justice to the worldwide famous Cretan concept of “philoxenia”, which in effect means treat a stranger as a close friend. Hospitality being at the heart of our philosophy, at the Luxury Residence Collection we strive to “sense” our guests’ needs and desires even before they had realized them by themselves. To this end we collaborate with a team of seasoned professionals-mainly from the local community, in order to respond even to their most inner needs, by offering a great variety of concierge services and ensure that our guests’ experience is indeed as unforgettable, as it is forever cherished. Dinners with chefs in the villa, safari adventures, wine tastings, guided tours, personal shopping, yoga and pilates sessions, photo shootings, boat cruises, helicopter transportations, snorkeling, beauty treatments and rejuvenation therapies, parties with djs and local dancers and musicians, helpful advice and hard to get reservations to name but a few of the luxury concierge services in Chania we are asked to accomplish or provide. And of course we are always available for the less fancy but yet important everyday issues or needs that may arise to our guests so as to offer them relaxing and carefree holidays.

And though time is often not on our side, we keep on working on a constant basis so as to anticipate our guests’ desires and thus exceed their expectations.

In fact this is what we mean by luxury concierge services: Personalized, tailor made care that can satisfy individual requirements and desires. After all we strongly believe that the human factor makes a world of difference. We cordially invite you to the Luxury Residence Collection, so that you can find out all about this world of luxury concierge services in Chania.

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