Mythical days and nights at the Luxury Residence Collection of Luxury Villas on Crete


What springs to mind when you think about holidays in Greece? Probably something along the lines of sea, sand and sun; boogie nights and endless fun; ancient monuments, folks and legends; striking landscapes; olive oil, ouzo, feta cheese and warm, joyful people. A place of mythical ancestry, heroic history, dazzling contradictions and alluring beauty, Crete, the southernmost island of Europe, and largest one in Greece, best encapsulates all that this country has to offer: More than 300 days of sunshine every year; coupled with dazzling, exotic beaches with waters as crystal clear and as transparent as they were when the Olympic Gods used to roam the earth. 1.100 km of coastline and a snow capped mountain range with 57 peaks more than 2.000 meters high. 13 million olive trees, cypress forests, countless indigenous herbs and aromatic plants; prolific vineyards and citrus groves. But also beguiling ruins of Minoan towns and palaces -glorious testaments of Europe’s most ancient civilization- Byzantine monasteries and 14th century rural chapels adorned in intricate frescoes; Venetian towns, sleepy pastoral communities and quaint coastal villages. Abundant water sports; but also rock climbing and hiking opportunities for the adventurers and the sporty. Local feasts with traditional music in which everyone is welcomed; art and theatre; open air cinemas and star studded concerts. And that’s not to mention exquisite food and drink: the world’s greatest olive oil-aptly named Crete’s liquid gold-fresh fruit and vegetables, delicious cheeses, and the trademark, Cretan fiery raki.

In fact there are myriads of reasons for choosing to holiday-or even actually live-on this island. Just imagine one day delving into ancient legends; and the next swimming in picture perfect seas; while subsiding in nectar and ambrosia and basking in the wondrous Mediterranean light and heartfelt hospitality of the locals, at the same time.

It may even get better than this! How about adding some real opulence to the mix, by opting to reside in one of the most privileged luxury villas on Crete? Come and stay at our LRC luxury villas on Crete and let us guide you through all that is magical in the island of Zeus and Zorba.

LRC luxury villas on Crete: Made with love

After all when we set about creating the Luxury Residence Collection, we were driven by sheer love for our home country and a strong desire to showcase it to the world in all of its glory. Determined on bestowing the royal treatment upon each and every one of our guests, we thus designed an outstanding complex of opulent, luxury villas on Crete, with a strong hospitality ethos. This is in fact the cornerstone of our philosophy; and doing justice to the world famous Cretan concept of “philoxenia” is our first and foremost concern, as well as our greatest challenge. With that in mind, advantageously located at the serene and remarkably beautiful Akrotiri, the circular peninsula which extends at the northwest of the prefecture of Chania, the LRC luxury villas on Crete are all about pampering and indulgence. Offering optimum comfort and maximum exclusivity through a supreme amalgam of fully personalized services, cutting edge facilities and all the home-away-from-home comforts, the LRC luxury villas on Crete have rightfully won over even the most discerning, among the globe’s elite travelers. Let us welcome you at the LRC luxury villas on Crete and allow us to show you what “philoxenia”being friends to strangers– is truly about.

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