Incredible holidays at the Luxury Residence Collection in the Akrotiri peninsula in Chania


Boasting abundant natural beauty; as well as a remarkable historical, cultural and architectural legacy, Chania, Crete’s western prefecture, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places in Greece. There are numerous things to do and see throughout the region; so where you decide to base ourselves during your visit is of strategic importance. A great option is the Akrotiri peninsula in Chania: Extending northeast of the city, this circular, serene and remarkably beautiful promontory is conveniently situated next to the airport and Souda port; yet within a few minutes drive from the town center.

The Akrotiri peninsula in Chania, is also home to some of Crete’s most astounding beaches; as well as several momentous religious and historical sights.

Akrotiri peninsula in Chania: Best beaches


Boasting fine sand and shallow, clean waters, it is well protected from the winds; has sunbeds and umbrellas; and a host of good restaurants, bars and taverns. Thought also known as the Lovers’ Beach, due to its idyllic sunsets; in reality it is hugely popular amongst families with kids.


Near Marathi, it is also well protected from the strong northern winds –meltemia. Mostly frequented by families, it is organised with sunbeds, umbrellas and a canteen. It also has a beach bar which has nowadays become quite popular amongst the younger crowd.


Another popular option, long and sandy Kalathas is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Due to its western location however, it gets windy and its waters, quite wavy.


Opposite of Kalathas, this is a small, scenic, well protected cove with sand and shallow, clear waters. Organised only in part and usually less crowded than the other beaches of the Akrotiri Peninsula in Chania, it is prefered by couples and those looking for some peace and quiet.


Arguably the most famous beach in the area, it is where Zorba the Greek, with Antony Quinn’s celebrated syrtaki dance scene was shot. Nowadays this cosy, beautiful bay is flocked by tourists taking selfies.

Seitan Limania

Though its name translates to “devil’s ports”, this beach is quite heavenly. Due to its imposing, majestic scenery; wild beauty and crystal clear, blue waters, it attracts its lion share of visitors. So it is best to avoid it during August.

Agios Onoufrios

This is a sandy, well protected bay with some sunbeds and parasols. It has been awarded a Blue Flag and is one of the most popular beaches among the locals.

Akrotiri peninsula in Chania: Places of interest


One of the greatest political figures, Eleftherios Venizelos, played a pivotal role in reuniting Crete with Greece; and markedly contributed in carving the country’s modern profile. Located on the hill of Prophet Elias at the Akrotiri peninsula in Chania, Venizelos’ and his son’s Sophocles‘ graves, are a not to be missed sight, with exquisite, panoramic vistas.


Agia Triada Tzangarolon, is a 17th century Monastery, founded by Venetian monks -and brothers- Jeremiah and Laurentio Giancarolo. The monastic complex is an architectural masterpiece; while the museum features several prominent relics.

About 5 km north of Agia Triada, you’ll reach the renowned Gouvernetou, the oldest Monastery of the Akrotiri peninsula in Chania. It is estimated that its construction begun in 1537 by ascetic monks who seeked protection from the pirate’s raids. Throughout the centuries it suffered multiple disasters, alterations and conversions but it still boasts some exquisite samples of Baroque architecture. The surrounding area is furthermore ideal for hiking. If you walk downhill you’ ll find the cave of the Virgin of Arkoudiotissa (the bear cave), thus named due to a stalagmite resembling a bear; and the abandoned Katholiko, which was built in the early 1600s for pilgrims flocking to the place where St. John the Hermit allegedly lived and died.

Welcome to the Luxury Residence Collection at Akrotiri peninsula in Chania

The amazing beaches and important monuments and sights of Akrotiri, shall ensure that you’ll not get even a moment’s boredom during your visit. Plus the area is well equipped with all kinds of shops and stores to cover your everyday needs; including supermarkets, gas stations, banks, tavernas, restaurants and pharmacies.

Last but not least, there is another very good reason for which to choose the Akrotiri peninsula in Chania for your stay in Crete. This is none other than the Luxury Residence Collection: An outstanding complex of opulent, luxurious villas designed for optimum comfort and exclusivity. Boasting a wide range of choice to suit different party sizes and individual preferences, each villa in our collection, is endowed with picture perfect views, while blending a timelessly elegant design with one off art pieces and furniture and the latest, state of the art facilities. With hospitality at the epicenter of our philosophy, we cordially invite you to come to the Luxury Residence Collection at Akrotiri peninsula in Chania; and let us show what the world famous Cretan concept of “philoxenia”, is really about.

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