Dreaming of a Luxury wedding in Chania?


Dramatic landscapes, radiant light, spectacular sunsets, exotic beaches and an incredible amalgam of ancient history, indomitable spirit and characteristically passionate culture. Everything seems like a fairy tale in the island of Crete. No wonder then Chania, arguably its most picturesque city, has been recently deemed 4th most popular destination in the world by Trip Advisor’s Travellers choice awards. It is equally hardly surprising that love birds from all over the planet are increasingly selecting this magical island for the dreamiest, most unforgettable commencement of their lives together. If you are one of these romantic souls fantasizing about idyllic beginnings with the Aegean on the background, here are the four things you need to consider for the perfect luxury wedding in Chania.

1.Choose a befitting venue for a luxury wedding in Chania Crete

Think picture perfect vistas, a timelessly chic aesthetic, cutting edge facilities and an all permeating sense of privilege and well being. This is what the Luxury Residence Collection is about: An outstanding complex of opulent villas designed for optimum comfort and exclusivity at Akrotiri; the serene and remarkably beautiful peninsula which extends at the northwest of the prefecture of Chania. Blending a coveted location with the lap of luxury and an unmatched hospitality ethos the LRC Villas are just the ideal venue for a dream luxury wedding in Chania. One that shall be remembered and cherished by protagonists and guests in the years to come: Just imagine saying “I do” amidst the most striking setting whilst happy friends and family are cheering you on!

2.Turn it into a multi day luxury wedding in Chania

Typical Cretan weddings last for days and are attended by the whole village. Eating, drinking and dancing ensues in copious amounts and everybody has a fantastic time. Draw inspiration from this time honored Cretan tradition and make your luxury wedding in Chania an equally memorable one. Due to their size and clever architecture the LRC villas are ideal for hosting large groups of friends and family– as well as the party of your dreams. How about a spa day with girlfriends, a snorkelling expedition, or a historical sights trip? Maybe a boys only, night in town or a sunset cocktail party with the whole gang on the days leading up to the Big Day? Of course there is the matter of the stag and hen parties; and how would you feel about a post wedding, recovery brunch? Whatever catches your fancy, we can make it happen. Unfalteringly with style and panache with our signature LRC concierge services.

3.Make it your signature luxury wedding in Chania

Your ideal luxury wedding in Chania can be as cool or as extravagant as you’d like it to be. Want to wear flip flops rather than heavy brocade gowns and stultifying tuxedos? Savor the whole religious bit or get it over as soon as possible and then dive into the infinity pool? Maybe you’d like to play prince and princess resplendent in a wedding dress with train? Host a fully fledged seated dinner for 50 -or 200- or head to the patio, start the music, keep the champagne flowing, and dance until the sun comes out? The choice is yours; and you’ ll soon find out your wish is our command. Think of us as your fairy god mothers and let us make your dreams come true. Which brings us to the last, but not least, point:

4.Focus on enjoying and leave the details of your perfect luxury wedding in Chania to us

We might be starry eyed ourselves -this is kind of our unofficial trademark- but we are professionals first and foremost; committed to providing exceptional service with a keen eye on detail. We ‘ll take your needs, wishes and desires as a leitmotif; draw inspiration from the latest international trends on design and music, as well as Crete’s emblematic zest for life; and put together your dream luxury wedding in Chania. From special menus and decorations, party favors, pre and post wedding auxiliary events, to honeymoon treats and even boring legal stuff, we undertake to arrange everything for you. To ensure a seamless, most enjoyable experience we collaborate with Greek Chic Events: an expert team of event planners and coordinators, whose name has become synonymous with some of the most legendary do’s in the country. This year only, seven couples are preparing to pledge their undying love to each other against the backdrop of the cerulean skies and seas at the breathtaking LRC venues. How would you like to be next?

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