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“The people of Crete unfortunately make more history than they can consume locally”, British writer Hector Hugh Munro (aka Saki) once wrote. Cretans also -this time, fortunately- produce a surplus of edible goods of the highest quality, thanks to their blessed terrain and ideal weather conditions.

These fruits of the land with their unique flavors and scents, form the basis of the world famous Cretan Diet; which is the internationally recognised modus vivendi that endows people with longevity and sound health, while being particularly tantalizing for the palate.

Dating from the Neolithic Age and the subsequent Minoan civilization, as archaeological findings suggest, the renowned diet of the island of Crete is based on the consumption of olive oil, grain, legumes, fruit and honey. In fact what differentiates the Cretan from any other type of Mediterranean diet is the markedly -up to six times!- higher intake of fruit. Cretans also eat a lot of cheese: Their gruyere is not only a world class gourmands’ treat but also a significant source of calcium and proteins. Their meals also requisitely include whole grain bread which is rich in vitamins, particularly of-the indispensable for the proper functioning of the nervous system- B complex; while they extensively use endemic herbs to add flavor to their food. At the same time Cretans are very well aware of the health benefits from moderate wine consumption; and have been so since time immemorial. Actually the vine has been systematically cultivated for more than 4000 years in the island of Crete, while Homer recounts that Cretan wines were renowned throughout the known world in antiquity. This excellent wine therefore remains a staple in the Cretan table. Nowadays you may visit several examperary wineries and get acquainted with the Cretan vineyard’s gems-which you’ll savor along accompanying tidbits, as Cretan tradition mandates. On the other hand the consumption of meat in the island of Crete– traditionally- is quite sparse and has a ritual quality. In effect it is to be enjoyed during festivities or, for those wealthy enough, on every Sunday.

Based on the axioms of simplicity, balance and seasonality, the Cretan is a wholesome yet delectable cuisine which is nowadays celebrated all over the world; not only for its –amazing- health benefits but also for its exquisite bouquet of tastes and aromas. It is no wonder then that the island of Crete is rapidly evolving into a coveted culinary travel destination, for professional and amateur gourmands alike.

Taste the delectable cuisine of the island of Crete at the Luxury Residence collection

With hospitality at the epicenter of our philosophy, at the Luxury Residence Collection, an outstanding complex of opulent villas at the serene and remarkably beautiful Akrotiri in Chania, we are all about pampering and indulgence.

Of course holidays are nothing if not pure, unadulterated pleasures: In all shapes, sizes and forms- those of the palate notwithstanding (or perhaps especially those!). So being of the epicurean school our selves at the LRC, we place great emphasis on food and drink. To this end, each villa in our collection, is not only endowed with picture perfect views, sophisticated aesthetics and state of the art facilities, but also comes with an unsurpassed range of tailor made services, including dinners lovingly prepared by Crete’s most acclaimed chefs. These are a prime rate opportunity to get introduced to the wonders of our cuisine; but also to move away from the typical (if not cliched!) “three course dinner” experience and instead meet with our distinctive way of eating; where variety is key and sharing with friends and family the quintessence. What’s more, throughout the duration of your stay, we shall treat you to various characteristic Cretan delicacies; after all we are truly enthusiastic about our trademark products and we want to showcase them to the world! With that in mind, we shall also provide you with some valuable insider’s tips as to where and when to go for an unforgettable lunch or dinner. We do like our food (and raki and wine!) and that’s why we’ve made friends with the best of the best culinarians throughout the island; so be prepared for maximum enjoyment of the senses!

We cordially invite you to come; bask in some much deserved, trademark Cretan “philoxenia”; and savor the wealth and goodness of the great gastronomic tradition of the island of Crete.

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