Celebrating the most romantic wedding in Chania


Crete, the largest island in Greece, is a slice of heaven on earth waiting to be discovered -and savored. This is a striking land of stark contrasts and diversities; an amalgam of snow covered mountain peaks and garden of eden- like plains, awe inspiring gorges and ravines and some of the planet’s most iconic beaches. This is an energetically charged place with a monumental cultural and historical heritage; a long and turbulent past which has molded the character of its people: distinctively proud and courageous, yet warm and hospitable, worthy ambassadors of their homeland’s spirit. Plus it boasts delectable food and drink, based on the globally acclaimed Cretan diet:

Among Crete’s manifold delights Chania, is arguably its most picturesque town. With its maze like, cobblestone streets, stunning old monuments and buildings and abundant day and night life, it is certainly a not to be missed, destination. But while it is always a good idea to visit it, this becomes especially true when it comes to your most precious occasion: After all, a romantic wedding in Chania, would be one of the best ways to start your common life.

Start as you mean to go: With a blissful wedding in Chania to mark the beginning of your common life

Located at the serene and remarkably beautiful Akrotiri, the circular peninsula which extends at the northwest of the prefecture of Chania, a few minutes drive from the airport and the city center, the Luxury Residence Collection, is an outstanding complex of opulent, luxurious villas designed for optimum comfort and exclusivity.

With hospitality at the epicenter of our philosophy, at the Luxury Residence Collection we are all about pampering and indulgence. After all when creating LRC, our first and foremost concern was to do justice to the world famous Cretan concept of “philoxenia”, which in effect means being a friend to strangers.

With that in mind, we set about offering the utmost in terms of services and amenities in order to ensure that our guests’ experience is indeed as unforgettable, as it is forever cherished. Hence each villa in our collection, is endowed with picture perfect views, while blending a timelessly elegant design with one off art pieces and furniture and the latest, state of the art facilities. What’s more due to their size and architecture the LRC villas are ideal for large groups and various celebrations, including christenings and weddings.

As we are ourselves rather romantic, in fact the latter has become kind of our unofficial trademark. So in line with our focus on hospitality, we shall carefully listen to your wishes and desires in order to organise your dream wedding in Chania. Drawing inspiration from the latest international trends on design and music, yet without forgetting Crete’s emblematic culture and legacy of entertainment (it is not coincidental that the famous Zorba lived in Crete!), we closely collaborate with a seasoned team of expert professionals to make sure that your special day is indeed special. Our breathtaking locations, along with meticulous attention to detail and an element of the unexpected, are hence combined to guarantee a most unique, memorable wedding in Chania, which will be remembered from guests and protagonists, alike, in the years to come.

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