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About LRC villas in Chania

We started shaping the idea of luxury villa holidays in Chania, not only because we love the island where we are born and raised, but also because of our need to impart to visitors with all those that are truly worth to be seen and tasted while they stay in residences of outstanding quality and luxury. We have in mind that each and every one of our guests deserves a royal treatment and that for, we consider every stay at a villa as a challenge for us to create memorable and unique holidays. But in order to achieve such a high goal, we are absolutely confident that every holiday should rely heavily on the human factor


Pampering and indulgence, exclusivity and discretion, reliability and loyalty, dynamism that does not disrupt serenity, flexibility combined with consistency can only derive from outstanding personnel that will leave its mark on our guests’ experiences. During your stay you can ask for boat cruises, helicopter rentals, event planning, celebrations, chefs, wine tasting, fitness activities, vip protection, beauty and rejuvenation treatments, car hire and many more. And we can assure you that all the people that will be involved in these activities, are people we know personally, who share our dream and who are willing to contribute to it with their professional expertise and, of course, their passion.


Besides, we should never forget that the great value of hospitality lies in the unconditional, spontaneous, and profitless offer that cannot always be described or even constrained by words. We look forward to contributing to the good reputation of Crete which is famous for his warm and generous people who always open their houses and their hearts, welcoming visitors from around the world. The majority of the Greeks agree, that Cretans are among the most hospitable people across the country, or, as we say it in greek, we are “philoxenoi” and the exact meaning of this word is that we are friends to strangers.


It will be an honor for us to be chosen by you so as to prove the truthfulness of this fame!